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Three Months In, Montreal Meatball Maker Flops With Diners

Not your grandmother's meatballs. Maybe that's the problem.

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Inside Nini
Inside Nini
Nini Meatball House

Less than three months after it opened in Griffintown, Nini Meatball House has had a rough go of it on online review sites. The overall word on the boulettes maker has been consistently negative, most notably over the last couple of weeks.

While not all bad—the restaurant has garnered two positive reviews on the somewhat suspect TripAdvisor—reviews like the ones below paint an ugly picture of meatball mediocrity.

"Strong smell of grease/food already very prominent in the air, bad ventilation system, it was stuffy in there. My friend and I asked for the bar, we were instead seated at a long table in the center of the restaurant. Then a huuuuge group (for a tiny restaurant) of approx 25 people(!) arrived overwhelmed that tiny restaurant (whoever accepted that reservation should be shot). I know the wait staff wanted our table, but sorry, you guys sat us there. So i was asked 3 times if I was finished my food. When we expressed our dismay to the waitress, she agreed it is an issue that there can be many wait staff serving one table." - Jean Cee

"Loved the meatballs but it's too bad the portions are ridiculously small! They should at least consider serving bread and change the meatball portions from 3 meatballs to 4. We won't be returning unless something changes." - mtlrealtor

"I wasn't impressed by the food at Nini Meatball." - Tatiana H.

"Unfortunately, it's a meatball restaurant, and if you're going to hang your hat on a potentially gimmicky single food item you had better make the best gosh darn meatballs in the land. And these are definitely not that. Every grandma ever makes better meatballs than these. Three small mealy dry meatballs for $7 is just a bummer." - Risa D.

"Sadly, Nini's did not blow me away with their meatballs. Basically, for the amount of food that you're getting, it's too expensive. Also, charging $3 for cold, store-bought bread, to me, is ridiculous. I wish these guys the best with their new endeavor, but unfortunately, will not be returning." - Ann T.

"Bad service experience, felt very rushed, drinks were taken away before we finished arrived's nothing but a fire pit for your money!! Our nice waiter was NOT to blame, it was the other staff/owners who were very hyper-rushed. It's a No No! They are just cashing in on the Griffintown hype." - R.L.

Nini Meatball House

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