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The Food is Rich But Lesley Chesterman Endorses La Table des Gourmets in Val-David

Three stars for the Laurentians restaurant.

Thierry, Pascale and Maxime Rouyé pose for Gazette photographer Dario Ayala
Thierry, Pascale and Maxime Rouyé pose for Gazette photographer Dario Ayala
La Table des Gourmets

Lesley Chesterman was always a prominent booster of the bygone La Porte on the Main. The soigné spot from French couple Pascale and Thierry Rouyé earned a near-perfect rave from The Gazette critic in 2010.

Alas, circumstances obliged the Brittany natives to shutter La Porte in 2013 and start fresh in Val-David, where they had been a presence at the town's summer market. In her most recent review (behind the paywall), Chesterman writes that the couple's new restaurant, La Table des Gourmets, merits a special trip the Laurentians, in part because of how they have made the area's purveyors such a vital part of the experience.

No doubt [the market] is where they met many of the best local suppliers, like the Morgan Farm renowned for its delectable guinea hen and Gaspor famous for its suckling pig. These two names and 17 others are listed on the menu of their new restaurant La Table des Gourmets, located on the main strip of Val-David, a village far away from the construction, parking and competitive woes of the big city.

Chesterman calls the cool and country vibe of La Table des Gourmets "a welcome change from all the noisy, dark and designy eateries opening up in Montreal of late." Service, courtesy Pascale Rouyé, is skillful and the food is expertly prepared, if not excessively rich. A solid three stars on four.

Both our lovely waitress and Madame Rouyé provided superb service and I already look forward to my next meal at La Table des Gourmets. Yes, the food is a little too rich to my taste, but you certainly don't have to be rich to enjoy a meal here. Prices are reasonable and considering the intricacy of the plate presentations I'd say this restaurant wears its name well. With the Rouyés, you are indeed at the table of skilled gourmets, and now in a far more appealing and relaxed surroundings.