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Observation Deck and Les Enfants Terribles Franchise to Top Place Ville Marie in 2016

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Big plans for PVM
Big plans for PVM
La Caisse

A well-placed source tells Eater today that a major project, slated for 2016, is in the works for Place Ville Marie. A few players have yet to sign on, but the rumour is that a group of investors that includes gsmprjct, Ivanhoé Cambridge, Stephen Bronfman's Claridge Inc., Sid Lee Entertainment and Cirque du Soleil will build an observation deck and open a franchise of Les Enfants Terribles on top of Montreal's linchpin skyscraper.

The project will apparently be a glassed-in addition on top of the cruciform office tower's 44th floor (the skyscraper extends to 47 floors in the middle). The observation deck will be contiguous with the restaurant, which will contain a large terrasse. If all goes to plan, this will mark an inaugural franchise for Les Enfants Terribles. The brasserie concept currently owns and operates outposts on Bernard in Outremont, Île-des-Soeurs and, soon, in Laval's Centropolis complex.

The blockbuster project has yet to be formally announced. Tune in as more details become available.

Place Ville Marie

Place Ville Marie, Ville-Marie, QC H3B