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Have a Look at Antonio Park's Splashy New Restaurant in Downtown Montreal

Jatoba opens to the public on Thursday, December 11.

Inside the new Jatoba
Inside the new Jatoba
Sylvain Granier

Jatoba, the sleek, wholesale reboot of Phillips Lounge in Downtown Montreal from Antonio Park (Park, Lavanderia), Nicolas Urli, Alexandre Besnard and Patrick Hétu, opens later this week.

Have a look at some exclusive photos below. But first, the official press release from management.

Renowned chef Antonio Park, Nicolas Urli (Ha, Flyjin), Marco Benatar (Flyjin) with Alexandre Besnard and Patrick Hétu (A5 Management) are proud to present Jatoba, the new gourmet destination of Montreal’s business district. This new restaurant, located in the former premises of Phillips Lounge, will offer a mix of Asian and South American cuisine. This new menu, designed by Antonio Park and Olivier Vigneault, will allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Olivier Vigneault, originating from Quebec City and having cumulated much experience (internship at a French Michelin-star establishment, chef and co-owner of Yuzu in Quebec City, executive chef at Marabout and Miso and chef at Kaizen and Park), will serve as chef. The two men will start executing a variety of Japanese and South American inspired dishes where flavors and originality meet for dinner service sometime in December. Lunches will start somewhere in January of next year (2015).

The former Phillips Lounge will be revamped through the ideas and talent of Amlyne Phillips of La Chambre Design. The one who gave life to places like Suwu, Apartment 200, L’gros Luxe (Plateau Mont-Royal) and Namos, describes this new space as an "old industrial mansion, sophisticated and masculine" will, however, give it a touch of french bistro and integrate some modernity. It will be a unique environment, unmatched to what is currently being done in Montreal’s restaurant scene. Jatoba will be able to accommodate 100 guests indoors and 70 on the terrace (opening next summer).

Bonus gallery from September: a look at Jatoba in progress from Eater photographer Randall Brodeur.

Phillips Lounge

1184, Pl Phillips, Montreal, QC H3B 3C8 (514) 871-1184 Visit Website