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Thé & Toast Bistro Replaces Jonah James on Sherbrooke in NDG

A tea shop, restaurant and more.

More than the name suggests
More than the name suggests
Thé & Toast

Three months after the versatile but ultimately doomed Jonah James declared bankruptcy and hit the auction block, another multipurpose restaurant has taken up residence at 5100 Sherbrooke Ouest on the border of NDG and Westmount.

Thé & Toast, "a cozy tea house with delicious food" from principal Wu Xuening, sells teas, sweets and is open for dinner until 9:00 p.m. No website or online menu yet but some intel here from Yelp.

I was pleasantly surprised by the very tasty Asian dishes. I started with the traditional wonton soup which was fresh and abundant. Then I ordered a chicken tori-Katsu Don at a very reasonable $9.99. The crispy chicken breasts were light, perfectly roasted and crispy. The rice and egg were a pleasant surprise as I scooped up a sweet sauce that was dribbled all over the rice.

The service is personable and quick. We were served lemon water and a hot strawberry green tea. I know I will be back to try the rest of their menu especially the Yasai Tempura Rice, Special Braised Beef Rice, and Pan fried Dumplings. There is something for everyone.

Cheers to the new opening! Or like they say in Chinese: GON BAY! Which actually means "Drain your glass." At one point in time, people in China actually expected you to drain your glass as quickly as you could. But nowadays, the Chinese Cheers! doesn't require you to drink it all in one gulp!