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Valentine's Day Menu Madness and Not Much More

PLATEAU— The first Valentine's Day menu for new Globe chef J-P Miron (don't let the tough guy photo fool you - he's a lump of sugar) starts with oysters and ends with chocolate. [Facebook]

MILE END— Sel Gras has a few spots left for the restaurant's inaugural Valentine's Day service - a six-course $48 affair from chef Marco Santos and co. [Facebook]

OLD MONTREAL— Chef Eric Gonzalez and L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel have a big Valentine's collabo with Bota Bota spa all day Friday and Saturday. [Facebook]

OLD MONTREAL— Pass the Courvoisier at Mirchi this Valentine's Day - and the pakoras and naan. [RestoMontreal]

PLATEAU— Chez Ma Grosse Truie Chérie wants customers to go all sharesies tonight. [RestoMontreal]

OLD MONTREAL— Helena has special menus the entire weekend. [Facebook]

VERDUN— Su, too, has a trifecta of Valentine's Day menus this weekend - all five courses, with or without juice. [Facebook]

LITTLE BURGUNDY— Geppetto aims beyond pizza ce soir, with a menu for two priced at $80. [Facebook]

PLATEAU— Prosecco and strawberry pizza bookends the San Valentino menu at Buonanotte. [Facebook]

DOWNTOWN— Deville Dinerbar has a Valentine's Day shindig this Sunday - will tempura lasagna be on the menu? [Facebook]

PLATEAU— Chez Victoire has made a full recovery from that wild Gatsby New Year's Eve theme party, apparently. [Facebook]

OLD MONTREAL— Just you, your honey, and a big ol' plate o' porchetta from Osteria Venti. [Facebook]

OLD MONTREAL— Les 400 Coups is full for dinner but has space left tomorrow. [Facebook]

DOWNTOWN— But of course Europea celebrates Valentine's Day. [Facebook]

QUARTIER INTERNATIONAL— Toqué! wants your children to dine at the restaurant over the week-long March school holiday. Chef Normand Laprise and co. will prepare three-course luncheon and dinner menus for the occasion at "junior prices." [-EMTL-]

Restaurant Globe

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1227, rue de la Montagne, Montréal, QC H3G 1Z2 514-398-9229 Visit Website

Sel Gras

5245 boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montreal, Quebec H2T 1S4 514 564 1090 Visit Website

Les 400 coups

400 rue Notre-Dame Est, Montréal, QC H2Y 1C8 514-985-0400 Visit Website

Chez Victoire

1453 Avenue du Mont-Royal Est, Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, QC H2J 1Z1 (514) 521-6789 Visit Website

Deville Dinerbar

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