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Les Chefs! The Revenge to Debut in June

Photo: Radio-Canada

The competitive culinary show that is Les Chefs! will return to Radio-Canada this summer with a twist: Les Chefs! La Revanche will pit a dozen former contestants from the past four seasons for a second shot at glory. And, of course, unlike Top Chef Canada and MasterChef Canada, the program will showcase talent from la belle province and Montreal (exclusively so).

Élyse Marquis will reprise her role as host next to Laurie Raphaël chef Daniel Vézina, with Jean-Luc Boulay (chef-owner of Le Saint-Amour in Quebec City), Normand Laprise (Toqué!) and Pasquale Vari (ITHQ) on the jury panel.

Les Chefs! La Revanche debuts on June 30. For a look at past chef participants, see here.

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