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Patrice Day One, Beer Lines at Sieur, New Menus

LITTLE BURGUNDY— Pastry chef Cori Murphy updates us all on day one at Patrice Pâtissier. [Instagram]

PLATEAU— Beer, sweet sweet beer, soon, at Le Sieur d'Iberville. [Twitter]

WINE WIRE— This was the scene at Slow Wine yesterday. [Twitter]

GRIFFINTOWN— How much liquid nitrogen will it take to produce Arëm's spring menu? [Twitter]

LASALLE— The Culinary Olympics took place today at the Pearson School of Culinary Arts. [Twitter]

PLATEAU— Lili Co.'s new menu is just offal. [Twitter]

OLD MONTREAL— Chef Eric Gonzalez and L'Auberge Saint-Gabriel drop a new lunch menu this week. [Twitter]

Lili Co.

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