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La Queue de Poisson Takes Over Mas Space

Photos: Google Maps, Facebook

Time will tell if Verdun welcomes one, let alone two fish and chips spots in the same month with open arms but for now, La Queue de Poisson is here. The fishmonger slash restaurant joins Comptoir 21 as the second chippy shop to open in the 'hood in recent weeks.

The restaurant will serve lunch and dinner as of April 1 (poisson d'avril get it) and takes over the old Mas Cuisine space at 3779 Wellington. Yes, there will be a raw and shellfish bar. Here, a little behind-the-scenes clip of the work in progress.

· La Queue de Poisson [Facebook]

La Queue de Poisson

3779 rue Wellington, Montreal, QC H4G 1V1 (514) 507-8245 Visit Website