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Godbout Maple Pop-Up at Scena Starts Friday

Photo: Scena

Scena's annual "traditional-chic" sugar shack concept starts this weekend and will run until the end of April. The chef behind the 2014 maple menu at the Quays of the Old Port space is Laurent Godbout of Chez L'Épicier.

As is customary with events like this, the architects of "Un Chef à l'érable" threw a big "lancement médiatique" for bloggers, publicists - and other - this past Sunday. The event duly inspired a flurry of concurrent hashtags, tweets, Instagram photos and blog posts with priceless gems like:

Quand le serveur est arrivé les mains pleines de boudin noir, j'ai pris peur un peu. Moi, qui est supposée être une blogueuse bouffe, je n'ai jamais mangé de boudin. []
Located at the Scena space in the Old Port, Chef Godbout offers locals and visitors alike to enjoy in a cabane à sucre envisioned with a modern menu in an equally chick space amongst the heritage that shrouds the area amongst the historical buildings and museums of Old Montreal. []

The menu, from what we can tell, includes riffs on traditional cabane à sucre classics like pea soup, cretons, ham, tourtière, doughnuts and tire. Much blogger delirium, too, over the bacon s'mores, natch.

Un Chef à l'érable runs from March 14 to April 27 on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays at Scena, Pavillon Jacques-Cartier at the Quays of the Old Port of Montreal.

· Un Chef à l'érable [Official Site]