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Sutton, Sietsema, Addison IN as Eater Restaurant Critics

In a historic first, Eater today welcomes three restaurant critics to the fold — three full-time critics flush with budgets, endless appetites and curiosity to match. In tandem with parent Vox Media's world-class product team, Eater plans to build the technology to approach restaurant reviews in a dynamic, modern way wholly suitable for how we dine (and think about food and drink) now. This is all in development, with the goal to debut it later this year.

Say hello to our new hires (learn even more about each of them over on Eater National):

(1) Eater's primary critic in New York will be Ryan Sutton (@qualityrye), the astute restaurant observer and data wonk, fresh off a nine year stint at Bloomberg.

(2) Bill Addison's (@billaddison) résumé includes Atlanta Magazine, the Dallas Morning News and the San Francisco Chronicle. He now assumes a full-time role as Eater Restaurant Editor and will file reviews from all over North America - and log copious air miles in the process.

(3) New York City's Robert Sietsema (@robertsietsema), late of the Village Voice, has made a mark over the last nine months with neighborhood guides, video tours, rants, raves, and first looks for Eater NY. He now joins the team full-time and will add reviews to his prolific mix.