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Uniburger on Sundays, Buvette to Lose Laroche

QUARTIER LATIN— Uniburger is now open on Sundays. The burger pusher promises less painful hangovers for all. [Twitter]

MILE END— Buvette chez Simone fixture Djosef Laroche will serve his last drink at the popular wine bar on Saturday. [Facebook]

ANNOUNCEMENTS— Le Comptoir plans to open La Réserve, a charc bar at Amherst and Ontario, shortly. [Twitter]

LITTLE ITALY— In which a Chowhounder spots a new breakfast and lunch restaurant at St-Laurent and St-Zotique. [Twitter]

PLATEAU— Welcome La Tablette de Miss Choco, a new specialty all-chocolate-all-the-time shop on Mont-Royal. [Facebook]

LITTLE ITALY— The funky kitchen at Pastaga is in film shoot mode for Les Prix Juneau, the television project from Martin Juneau on V. Oh and Montreal, the chef wants your hamburger, grilled cheese and spaghetti sauce recipes. [Instagram]

SAINT-HENRI— Grumman '78 debuts a new dessert cart item this week: the 'Ay Enrique!' chocolate bar. Just don't call it Oh Henry!®. [Wire]

MILE END— A mega challah, courtesy one Jeffrey Finkelstein. [Instagram]

ANNOUNCEMENTS— Mario Navarrete Jr. (Madre, Raza) has a new project in the works. Details next week. [Wire]
[Photo: Twitter]

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