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Pizzaghetti is Quebec's Most Shameful Food

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Pizza and spaghetti is not a combo you see in Italy - like ever - but in Montreal and Quebec the two make for strange perfectly natural bedfellows.

Pizzaghetti, that enigmatic and serendipitous diner creation, is a shameful and, somehow, awesome chapter in Montreal food history, all at the same time. It even has a Wikipedia entry. If necessity is the mother of invention, we have no idea what this heinous carbohydrate marriage says about us as a culture. All we know is that you can procure pizzaghetti at these five places.

Reubens, 1116 rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest


Salonica, 5261 rue Saint-Denis


Marconi, 2224 rue Beaubien Est


Dora Pizza, 670 boul. Saint-Joseph, Hull

Yes, we know, Hull is not Montreal. Still, look what we did. This exists in other places too. Places that are not Montreal.


Zappy Pizza, 11 Rue de l'Église

No photo of this Verdun diner's pizzaghetti. This photo just made us sad (it comes from the restaurant's website).


Um, remember when Couche-Tard made a bogus pizzaghetti slush sloche?

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