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The Very Brief History of Cone Pizza in Montreal

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Photo: Facebook

This was the premise: take a slice of pizza and roll it up into a cone. Or was it stuff a cone full of pizza-like crap? Because people love edible cones! Ice cream cones, Thomas Keller's salmon cornets, you name it ... cone madness abounds.

Alas, however, Kono Pizza never took off in Montreal. The Florida "fast casual concept" had designs on world domination (Kono Azerbaijan anyone?) but is no longer active as a corporate entity.

The last Facebook entry for the Downtown Montreal Kono outlet states, with a hint of melancholia: "We're moving! Stay tuned for our new address information coming soon!" This last dispatch was on October 10, 2013.

One food blogger was sufficiently taken with the concept in 2012 to write: "This is going to be a popular stop after watching the Habs at a bar or the Bell Centre."

Or not.

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