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Calzone Power Hour: McCain Pizza Pockets #TBT

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Remember when everyone went batshit crazy for this Québécois McCain® Pizza Pockets® ad in the 1990s? No? Where were you? We still have the jingle stuck in our auditory cortex.

It looks borderline insane two decades on, as we face the slow death of the microwave. Consider:

(1) The kids in the video have the most dramatic reaction ever to rain. Chillax, entitled lake kids. You can tool around on your Sea-Doos and piss everyone off who likes peace and quiet at the cottage some other time.

(2) They seem way, way too happy to find a box of sorry, microwaveable excuses for calzones in the freezer. Where are your parents? Who has a microwave at the cottage? Jesus, make a sandwich.

(3) Buddy boy over here.

(4) At the 0:22 mark of the commercial, this dude high fives his friend to pointlessly prove that his snack is non-greasy. This is abnormal on so many levels.

(5) As the sun sets on our group of (Ritalin-afflicted?) youngsters, high five guy punches the air in a display of irrational exuberance. And then they hit the water. After consuming their body weight in pizza pockets. Um, lake safety anyone? These kids are going to die.

· McCain Pizza Pochettes [Official Site]