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Calzone Power Hour: Ryan Dixon's Panzerotti

Le Royal Merchant owner Travis Champion and chef Ryan Dixon. Photo: Facebook

For all who miss Ryan Dixon's pizza at the now defunct Jane in Griffintown, you do know that the chef still makes pizza, right? These days Dixon mans the kitchen at The Royal Merchant. The Old Montreal tavern is from the same duo, Travis Champion and Monika Terlecki, behind L'Orignal and Le Gros Jambon.

Dixon, a LaSalle native, makes a Bianca and Margherita at Merchant that pays homage, in part, to the pizza he grew up with. But Dixon also makes a panzerotti that deserves props.

They are deep-fried pizza pockets du jour. Pepperoni and cheese to meatballs to confit de canard and onions served with spicy marinara dipping sauce. All in our homemade dough.


· The Royal Merchant [Official Site]

Le Merchant Royal

394 rue Saint-Jacques Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 0A2 (514) 985-0394 Visit Website