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Calzone Power Hour: RIP Euro Deli

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It was, by every measure, the perfect post-club nosh on the Main. A deceptively simple turnover, full - but not too full - of spinach and ricotta goodness. Or sausage. Or whatever (it was 3:30 a.m. and we were drunk).

The Euro Deli calzone. A go-to schnack, at any time of day, frankly, on the busy Saint-Laurent strip above Sherbrooke for some three decades. Owner Vincent Scanzano made pastas, pizzas and cannoli too but for many, the calzone was the ticket.

Alas, however, the popular hangout became a victim of a very difficult business climate on the lower Main - construction, tax hikes (from $18,000 to $41,000 in six years) et al - and had to shutter last July. It was an unceremonious departure, with no splashy announcement, countdown or farewell party.

Just this:

Dear Clients,

First and foremost allow us to thank-you for your precious patronage that lasted for over 31 years to date, thanking-you a million times.

Unfortunately, due to many obstacles entailing accountability suffered in the past five years or so, Euro-Deli finds itself in a situation that it must financially restructure in order continue to serve our beloved clientele.

We will also be happy to hear from anyone that maybe interested to open and operate a Euro-Deli in a different area.

Please be informed that the administration has done its outermost since the very start to deal with all of the obstacles, sadly to say, without positive results.

We will be posting news as it evolves in FB. You may also send your comments to it would be great to hear from you.

Many regulars, not hip to Facebook, made the discovery on the way to grab a bite - perhaps a calzone - at the fabled landmark.

Euro Deli was a gem. We miss it. And those nocturnal calzoni.

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