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Your Wrap-Up of Montreal Pizza Week 2014

Photo: Shutterstock

Our week-long look at Montreal pizza is finito but you can relive all the maps, interviews and cheesy irreverence here and now.

· The week began with a poll that put this simple question to Montreal's pizza lovers: What is the best Montreal pizza style?

· This map of 25 epic Montreal pizzas to eat before you die.

· Elio De Lauri spoke to us about what it takes to last more than half a century in the Montreal pizza game.

· Slab pizza is a vital part of Montreal's pizza scene so we broke down ten of the best in this handy map.

· Photographer Randall Brodeur went behind-the-scenes at popular Little Italy pizza spot Bottega on a busy Friday night.

· Remember when a Florida company made a self-serious effort to sell Montreal on cone pizza?

· Pizza and spaghetti is an unholy union that all Montrealers need to renounce now.

· In part due of our Elio's interview, son Frank De Lauri got emotional when he told us why his mother is the soul of the five-decade-old restaurant.

· For Calzone Power Hour we took a trip down memory lane with a cornball Québécois McCain® Pizza Pockets® ad from the 1990s and had The Royal Merchant's chef, Ryan Dixon, chat up panzerotti. Also, we miss Euro Deli.

· This Little Italy chef just may change the neighbourhood's pizza scene for the better.

· Many readers had strong opinions about pizzerias left off the initial epic 25 map. So we wrangled up the best of the rest.

· And finally, these Montreal pizza-related restaurant disasters are comedy gold.

· Pizza Week 2014 [-EMTL-]