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The 10 Saddest Montreal Pizza Reviews You Will Ever Read

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The horror.

We plumbed the depths to come up with these ten online reviews of Montreal pizzerias. Most of them say as much about human behaviour and the customers themselves as they do about the food and service at these various establishments. But mostly they're simultaneously sad and hilarious.

"The driver was a unilingual Anglophone."

Prince Pizza 2 Pour 1, 942 Maisonneuve Est

I placed my order at 9:58 p.m.. You promised me my delivery for 10:45 p.m. I received my pizza at 11:23 p.m. After 1 hour and 25 minutes (with 35 minutes delay). No excuse and no explanation. I paid. In addition, the driver was a unilingual Anglophone! (Not a word of French). You must understand my disappointment! Good night. [Just-Eat]

"The spicy sauced was reversed."

Pizzédélic, 3509 boul. Saint-Laurent

It took 1:20 to deliver two pizzas (initial estimate of 45 minutes). They arrived cold, they were too crunchy and spicy sauce which was in a small plastic box on pizza was reversed. In short, disappointed in the the service and quality of food. It was the last time ... [TripAdvisor]

"It took just a bit over TWO HOURS."

Pizza Pinoli, 5524 Ave Monkland

My family and I ordered 3 pizzas from them and it took just a bit over TWO HOURS for them to finally deliver. We ordered at 5:25 and the food didn't arrive till about 7:30. My wife finally called at 6:50, it would seem they completely FORGOT about our order. They also took a credit card number and then made us pay by cash when the driver arrived. Very disappointed with the service. No discount was offered to us for this horrible service. [Urbanspoon]

"No honey with my onion rings."

Broadway Pizzeria, 34 ave. Broadway

We loved this restaurant where we had always had good experiences. We decided to return once more. We had to chase down the waitress for our drinks because she brought us our starters without our drinks and we had already waited a long time before asking her. My spouse had a soup with his meal, he had to go ask her to bring it because she had forgotten. Normally we love the pizza at Broadway but this time it was really different and not in a good way. I asked for honey with my onion rings, which the waitress also had to be reminded to bring. She replied in a rude tone​​. The dish my husband ordered was inedible and had to be returned. In short, the service was lousy and when told the waitress as much she took offense instead of apologizing! She also mentioned that she had given good service and she was in the juice (she had three tables). But of course she had time to chat with her ​​friend, who is a waitress there too, throughout the evening. It is partly for this reason that she forgot all about our meal. This very bad experience has soured us on the restaurant for good. A shame because we liked this it ... [RestoMontreal]

"Lukewarm pizza and non-diet soda."

Le Surfin, 8005, ave. André-Ampère

We live very close to this restaurant and used to order from them every week - at least once a week. In the last three months there have been mistakes on every order - wrong sauce on the pasta, undercooked fries, wrong toppings on the pizza, a regular soda when we ordered diet, etc. Virtually every time we called them to inform them of their mistake. They then offered us an apology and once or twice they gave us a credit for the next order.

Tonight, once again, Surfin outdid themselves in the lack of respect for their customers. We had a burnt pasta gratin, a lukewarm pizza and a non-diet soda. We took care to repeat the order twice on the phone. We voiced our displeasure in person. The lady at the counter told us we were the only ones that unhappy with the service and food. Based on the other reviews here, I don't believe it. Surfin is over for us. [RestoMontreal]

"I choked on plastic - Worst Pizza in Northern America."

Pizzédélic, 39 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest

Maybe I'm used to good pizza in the States, but I just had the worst pizza I've ever had in my life at the Pizzadelic in the Old Port of Montreal. I usually order a Margherita Pizza at most pizza shops, I can usually tell the quality of ingredients and technique from a simple pizza such as that. That way I know if I want to go back, or bring people back to the establishment. It's simple, Mozzerella, basil, and tomatoes.

Anyway... the service was great. I feel bad for the servers having to serve bad food. I used to be in that same situation. I wish I could help them get a job at a better restaurant.

Oh yeah, there was plastic from the cheese bag on my pizza that I almost choked on as well. The server showed the chef... he agreed, plastic from the cheese bag. At least the server was nice enough to apologize for the incompetent 'chef'. [TripAdvisor]

"Racist waitress."

Angela Pizzeria, 1662 boul. De Maisonneuve Ouest

Just a quick note... Myself and my girlfriend went to Angelas earlier today and we were appalled and embarrassed by the waitress. There was a table of young international students. The waitress clearly speaking about that table mentioned words like "pig", "bitches" and "think they can come into our country and tell me what to do". We felt very uncomfortable and couldn't eat fast enough to get out of there. We will never sit in that restaurant again. [Urbanspoon]

"Why do I keep ordering from here?"

Domino's, 35 rue Rachel Ouest

I don't know why I keep ordering from here. Probably because I just like the taste of Domino's. But this place sucks. Every single time I have ordered a pizza from them in the two and a half years I've been living in Montreal, the cheese is hard and like plastic by the time it gets to me. I don't know if it goes bad during delivery or if it's just made poorly but it sucks, period. Every so often I need my Domino's fix but by the time I'm done with the pizza pie, I'm pulling the cheese off because it's already begging to be pulled off on its own. Montreal. Pizza. Sucks. They can't even do Domino's right. [Yelp]

"Dont even think about calling to complain."

Bella Pizza, 5151 ave. Papineau

HORRIBLE!!!! their pizza is usually the best, especially for their unique type of crust, and it is still very good... but dont even think about calling to complain about something or if something is wrong about your order!! they will tell you right away you are wasting their time, be very agressive with you and make you feel like they dont care...
too bad, you just lost a 6 year customer today... first incident was forgotten, second was not nice and third today is just enough

"Maybe it's because I'm a stoner."

Bella Pizza, 5151 ave. Papineau

I like this place, but I'm not sure why. Maybe because it's in walking distance of my best friends place, or maybe it's because I'm a stoner, or maybe it's a little of both. [Yelp]

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