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12 Montreal Restaurants That Think They're People (on Twitter)

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For every clever, self-aware chef or restaurant Twitter handle in Montreal - your @fredmadeit, your @LarryTuesday - there are scores more with no discernible traces of irreverence at all.

That in and of itself is no crime. Many restaurants rely on Twitter to post menus, hours and other critical information. Fine.

The savvy bizarre use of the social media platform - via publicists, often - by other Montreal restaurants, however, comes across as a manifestly louche bid to cajole customers. And it has to stop.

With that, we give you 12 Montreal restaurants that think they're people (on Twitter).

1. The Fashion Maven - Decca 77

Done and done! Thanks random restaurant! Wait ... "stripped?"

2. The Nonsensical Questioner - Kyo

Ingestible foodstuffs make me best breakfast?

3. The Pollster - Bevo

Ha, we see what you did there. Cute.

4. The Knee-Jerk Keyword Responder - Méchant Boeuf

Tweet the words "Old Montreal" and "Old Port" at your peril.

5. The Patriotic Historian - Verses

Thank God for Wikipedia.

6. The Hashtag-Happy Enabler - Suite 701

We're cutting you off already.

7. The Coy Oenophile and (bonus) Music Lover - Modavie

Thanks for the wine lesson, wink wink.

8. The Creepy Codependent - Wienstein & Gavino's

Um, raincheck?

9. The Francophile - Newtown

It takes a lot of Gaul to post a tweet like this.

10. The Cinephile - Vieux-Port Steakhouse

And lover of fictional clownfish.

11. The Philosopher - Atelier Argentine

Move over Jorge Luis Borges.

12. The Racist Comedian - Nacho Libre

Because homophones and Mexicans = comedy gold. Am I right?

· @RestoDecca77
· @KyoBarJaponais
· @BevoPizza
· @mechantboeuf
· @VersesCuisine
· @Suite701
· @modavie
· @WiensteinGavino
· @LeNewtown
· @AtelierArgentin
· @vivanacholibre

Kyo Bar Japonais

711 Côte de la Place d'Armes, Ville-Marie, QC H2Y 2X6 (514) 282-2711 Visit Website

Decca 77

1077 Drummond, Montreal, Quebec H3B 4X4 (514) 934-1077 Visit Website

Nacho Libre

913 rue Beaubien Est, Montreal, Quebec H2S 1T2 (514) 273-6222 Visit Website