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Labarake to Open in Rosemont's CPR Angus Shops

Photo: Google Maps, Facebook

The massive conversion of the Canadian Pacific Railway Angus Shops facility on Rachel in Rosemont (total cost so far: $500 million), defunct for over two decades now, advances anew with Labarake, a "restaurant de quartier" with "une cuisine du terroir imaginative et de qualité."

Labarake takes over the CPR Angus Shops fire house, active from 1904 to 1992, and will make hay, no doubt, of the heritage link. Indeed, the Facebook page of the restaurant describes the place as a "caserne à manger" with "une grande hauteur sous plafond, une ambiance tamisée aux tons industriel. Dehors, la terrasse dévoile un espace chic idéal pour se retrouver entre amis."

Look for Labarake to open sometime in May.

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