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The Kingpin of Naked Sushi, Raw and Uncut

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Screencap: Oren Bornstein and Rod Leider, YouTube

This article links to content that is NSFW.

After we had some fun at the expense of a Montreal company that hires "models" to get naked and double as human sushi plates, the former Senior Vice President of Montreal VIP, the outfit behind, got in touch with us to clarify some facts and update us on the local nude nigiri scene.

Oren Bornstein now runs Connected Montreal - a "Bachelor/VIP service" for weekend warriors from out of town, primarily. (In this NSFW promo clip for the company, Bornstein and partner Rod Leider consort with a gaggle of strippers and a dwarf.)

The Boston native and avid Rob Ford fan divines "how to relate the Montreal experience to American tastes." This may or may not include:

· Topless Beer Pong$2,000 for a four girl tournament with midget referee

· Jell-O WrestlingBelieve it or not finding some hotties to wrestle in 200lbs of cherry Jell-O was not difficult given our wide talent pool of strippers/models/bartenders/single mothers

· Foodie Food ToursThe coolest and tastiest spots from legendary eateries to the real heavy hitters (Au Pied de Cochon, Joe Beef, Toqué!, Le Club Chasse et Pêche, etc.)

But more on body sushi (price tag: $1,500). Is there a market for the service?

"I'm not gonna retire on it," says Borenstein. "Let's put it that way. But I did do one last week. I cater to a more Wall Street, Manhattan type of crowd. It's a higher-end approach. When people do bachelor parties they always want to top the last one. The one advantage of Montreal over a city like Vegas is there are a lot of beautiful girls willing to do crazy things."

Define crazy.

"Well like we can get a bunch of girls up to your hotel suite to serve you Schwartz's smoked meat. Naked."

While his analysis of the food lacks vigor, one customer was sufficiently ecstatic with his body sushi experience to submit this rave.


Oh and this unintentionally hilarious SFW video.

Evan's Bachelor Party in Montreal

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