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10 Montreal Restaurant Missed Connections

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While blissfully happy (and obnoxious) couples frequent Montreal restaurants, bars and cafés en masse, so too, alas, do the lonely, lovelorn and lustful. And this is where Craigslist comes in. The site's Montreal 'Missed Connections' section unfurls a trove of pickups that most definitely were not. Many take place, as it happens, at restaurants all over the city. Here are ten recent ones of note.

missedconnectmtl.jpg[Photo: Shutterstock]

1. Soba Seduction

Ramen boy - Saka Ba - w4m (av. mont-royal): Samedi soir, 8 mars, env. 21h. Toi au bar avec une amie. Moi avec mes 2 amis au bout de la longue table. Tu t'es souvent retourne. La suite ?

2. Stairway to Heaven

l'Escalier last night - m4w (mtl): I like your accent and would love to hear it again. Ok this thing won't let me post without being more wordy so blablablabla please message me!

3. Presse Your Luck

guy at presse cafe - m4m - 23 (sherbrooke/la montagne): you work at presse cafe at the corner of sherbrooke and la montagne. we made eye contact several times today while you were getting me a sandwich... wanna have some fun? message me back with a pic so I know it's you.

4. Nice Rack

Waitress Baton Rouge - m4w (Vaudreille ): I think your really attractive and your name starts with a B I would really like to get to know you maybe you noticed me too. You have long hair to about your waist.

5. Short Order Stud

Handsome guy at L'oeufrier - m4m (montreal): We were having brunch at L'oeufrier on Amherst. I was with my friends and you were with your lovely family. We exchanged glances throughout. I would love to know more about you.

6. Mic Check

Brewtopia open mic - w4m: You came up on stage after a set we probably both thought would be a near impossible act to follow. But then you let loose and just owned the room. I had shivers the rest of the night. Hope my date didn't notice.

7. 21 Questions

Comptoir 21 - le 17 février - w4m (Adrian): Si tu réponds à correctement aux question suivantes... Qu'est ce que j'avais commandé ? Où étais-tu assis ? Est ce que tu es parti avant ou après moi? Est ce qu'il y avait quelqu'un avec moi ?

8. Big Mack

Romance at McDonald's!? - w4m - 22 (St-Hubert and Beaubien McDonald's): This morning at around 10:30 AM I was at the McDonald's on the corner of Beaubien & St-Hubert with a gal pal of mine. I was wearing a white mink coat, I have blonde hair and I was giggling like an idiot and left abruptly because you are a gorgeous man. I wanted to give you my number DUH, but was way too nervous. I have never written one of these before because I think they are ridiculous BUT I really want to meet you...

9. Dumbstruck at Dorval Dive

Kelly's Pub - you were about 60 years old? - m4w - 50 (Donegani): It was on Sunday, around 5:00 pm. You were much older than I. You claimed to be one of the oldest people at the bar. I am 50 years old. You spoke English and French. We spoke a bit, standing in the back of the bar near the kitchen entrance area. You were beautiful, I said that. I want to make love to you...

10. Red Room Romance

sala rossa friday night - w4w: You were wearing a hat and a red bandana around your neck. You were standing near me during one of the performances. I doubt you will see this, but if you do, know that you have a beautiful energy.
Thanks for being you.