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Your Montreal Contestants for Chopped Canada

choppedjudges.jpg[Photo: Chopped Canada]

Fresh off a successful debut, Food Network Canada let us in on the next brigade of competitors for the second course of Chopped Canada yesterday. Once more, the spinoff of the popular U.S. show with host Ted Allen will pit 52 cooks from across Canada in kitchen combat for $10,000.

We use the term "from across Canada" loosely, of course, since just under half of the competitors come from Ontario, or 25 in all. Five, however, will represent la belle province and specifically, Montreal.

Daren Bergeron, 40, a veteran of the Montreal restaurant scene, cooks for Fous d'ici, with past stints at Decca 77 and Newtown.

Pascal Bisson, 32, is a caterer and former Cirque du Soleil chef who also co-owns the Le Diner Express food truck.

Audie Grant, 39.

Christina Pugliese, 30.

Daniel Trottier, 56, has been an executive chef at the Académie Culinaire de Montréal since 1997.

Chopped Canada judges include Montreal's own Chuck Hughes (Garde Manger, Le Bremner, Chuck's Week Off, Chuck's Eat the Street), Susur Lee (Top Chef Masters), Lynn Crawford (Pitchin' In), Michael Smith (Chef Michael's Kitchen), Roger Mooking (Heat Seekers), Vikram Vij (Top Chef Canada seasons 1 and 2 and everywhere), John Higgins (George Brown College), and Anne Yarymowich (formerly FRANK Restaurant).

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