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Bieber and Ballers at Buonanotte

Photo: Twitter

"Special Guest coming tonight get here before line up", was the message from Buonanotte on Instagram some 11 hours ago.

Then, today, this blurb from Buonanotte partner Massimo Lecas on Facebook: "Mets, Jays, Expos and let's not forget the Biebs all at Buonanotte last night!"

The ex and current baseball players were in town for a preseason game at the Olympic Stadium. Why Justin Bieber was in Montreal is less clear but the fact that Miley Cyrus played the Bell Centre last night has sparked frenzied speculation.

The Biebs was uncommonly mum on social media while at the Main supper club, simply posting this. No official confirmation on whether Cyrus was in the house as well, though it seems likely.

Update: Lecas reports that Miley Cyrus was not at Buonanotte with Bieber but may put in an appearance ce soir.

· Buonanotte [Official Instagram]


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