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Éric Gonzalez Now Maître Cuisinier de France

Photo: Facebook

Chef Éric Gonzalez of Auberge Saint-Gabriel will be inducted into the Maître Cuisinier de France club in a ceremony in Las Vegas this week. As such, Gonzalez joins other Montreal chefs from France like Jérôme Ferrer and Patrice De Felice (both of Europea) and the likes of Eric Ripert and Daniel Boulud.

The Maître Cuisinier organization's motto is "to preserve and spread the French culinary arts, encourage training in cuisine, and assist professional development." The program covers restaurants and chefs in every continent and includes a charter, circa 1951, with such precepts as:

As heir to a great past, his mission is to serve the culinary art by expanding its influence and providing for its future.
His professional technique must attain the level of high art.
In view of the moral weight of his title, a Master Chef of France enjoys a certain degree of independence, even though the opinion of the media is a reference that cannot be ignored.

Notice the frequent use of "his." Needless to say, this is still a largely masculine club. Regardless, félicitations chef Gonzalez.

· Éric Gonzalez [Official Page]