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MTL Cuisine Expands With Cantinho de Lisboa

Photos: Helena, Google Maps

MTL Cuisine (Bar et Boeuf, Les 400 Coups, Osteria Venti, Helena, Racines) has a new vehicle for chef Helena Loureiro (Helena, Portus Calle) in Old Montreal.

Cantinho de Lisboa, a Portuguese café cum bakery cum deli, is on the masthead of the restaurant group's Facebook page - which makes it official - and the invites to the soirée d'ouverture, on Tuesday, April 29, have been sent. The new project is across the street from Olive + Gourmando and next to Espace Pepin, in a former spa. More:

L'épicerie fine qui vous offre une multitude de produits aux saveurs du Portugal! Café, salades, viennoiseries, sandwichs, du matin jusqu'au soir, service de traiteur & bien plus!

This latest Old Montreal salvo from MTL Cuisine is just the first in what promises to be a busy 2014-15, what with Barcelona chef Carles Abellan's Tapas24 and a Portuguese brasserie in the Le Victoire condo project in the works.

Look out Antonopoulos Group.

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Cantinho de Lisboa

356 rue Saint-Paul Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 2A6 (514) 843-3003 Visit Website