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Restaurant Owners Face $800,000 Fine, Prison Time

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Pho Cali

The owners of Pho Cali, a noodle and soup shop in Chinatown, face possible prison sentences for tax evasion and a fine of $800,000. The record sum comes after a Revenue Quebec probe that alleges tax evasion and a scheme to circumvent the infamous SRM cash registers. The devices have generated a $160 million sales tax surplus for the provincial tax department since 2011.

If you trust the validity of online reviews, Pho Cali had problems with customers as well.

· HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE SERVICE! I will never be going back there and for sure, I will tell all my friends to never step their foot in there. There are so many awesome pho places in Montreal. [TripAdvisor]

· Pho Cali serves really BAD Junky food. This is the Vietnamese equivalent of McDonald's. Both my wife and I, after eating at this joint felt queasy in the stomach after eating the horrible food served by them. Anyone who has had Vietnamese food before at a decent restaurant would feel cheated after dining here. It seems they served us stale food 3 days old. We both threw up and thank God we did to GET THAT JUNK OUT OF OUR SYSTEM! [TripAdvisor]

· The first thing I noticed was the server. He looked like he hated his job. [Yelp]

· Revenue Quebec fines Chinatown restaurant owners $800,000 [Gazette]

Pho Cali

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