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Les Prix Juneau, Street Food Flap, Moxies Fail

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FOOD TV— Martin Juneau talks to Métro about his new show, Les Prix Juneau, which will feature "les meilleures recettes des spécialités régionales" in the province. The Pastaga chef champions home cooks in the interview: "Mais je sais qu'on peut prendre n'importe qui, n'importe quel être humain et cette personne-là est capable de faire le meilleur repas de l'histoire de l'humanité. Il s'agit que les astres soient alignés, que tout soit parfait." [Métro]

CITÉ MULTIMÉDIA— Willow Stewart, late of Hotel Le St-James, is the new pastry chef at Mercuri. [Wire]

#GOHABSGO— Round 2 of the NHL playoffs gets underway tomorrow with Game 1 between the Habs and the Bruins at TD Garden in Boston. Not sure where to watch the game? We have a map for that. [-EMTL-]

FOOD MEDIA— A tense discourse took place the other day on CHOI 91,9 on the subject of street food and the refusal of a permit to L'Assommoir after a significant investment of "over $200,000" on a truck. Radio host Éric Duhaime drew the Facebook ire of Gaëlle Cerf, VP of the Association des restaurateurs de rue du Québec, with his "more $2 hot dog carts, less foie gras s'il vous plaît" stance. [CHOI]

MEALS ON WHEELS— In the meantime, Cerf is "in the weeds" as she prepares for the first First Friday of 2014, at Olympic Stadium. Mayor Denis Coderre will be on hand to gladhand and, presumably, to sample the wares. And just in time for the event, this article on the street food pilot project by Ariane Krol in La Presse. [La Presse]

PLATEAU— Lili Co. targets industry folk as of this week with a simple offer: $22 for a small entrée and plate, after 10:00 p.m., Tuesday to Saturday. [Facebook]

GRAND PRIX— Good news for Pascal Bisson. The operator of Le Diner Express food truck will be the exclusive "lunch box provider" at the 2014 Grand Prix du Canada at Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve. Bisson was also a contestant on Chopped Canada this week. [Wire]

FAILS— The chain that allegedly screens female servers with Hooters-like scrutiny wants to spoil your mom this Mother's Day . [Facebook]

VILLERAY— The Mesón menu is online. The fare from the new Villeray restaurant is decidedly more casual than sister spot Tapeo, with several Catalan cocas (a pizza-like pastry) and surefire hits like burgers and wings. All with Spanish twists, claro. [Facebook]


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