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A Montreal Restaurateur's Anti-Israel Rant

"The bully state of israel must end one day."

Richard Holder (Holder, Brasserie Bernard, Bar Waverly) has made his views on Israel known on Facebook over the past two weeks.

"The bully state of israel must end one day, as must much of the world's silence on this subsidized massacre," the prominent Montreal restaurateur wrote on April 5, above a link to a blog article about the death of a Jordanian judge of Palestinian origin.

This came one day after Holder wrote, "netanyaho: murderer" in a show of apparent solidarity with the Facebook group I Acknowledge Apartheid Exists.

On April 1, in response to a headline from the website - "Israel killed 12 Palestinians, arrested 364 in March" - Holder took to his Facebook page to write: "only 12??".

These and other similar posts from the outspoken restaurateur occur the same week his new restaurant, Majestique, opens in a historic, former Jewish deli (Delli-Cité) on the Main, in Montreal's original Jewish quarter.

When asked to comment on his views and the timing of his Facebook posts, Holder wrote: "i don't think my opposition to israel's expropriation of palestinians from their homes and the stealing of their land disqualifies me from owning a business anywhere in my city, do you? you may know that most people in civilized countries along with many jews share my view..."

Addendum: Richard Holder's Facebook page seems to be inactive, as of this afternoon, Monday, April 7.
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Addendum: Richard Holder Issues Mea Culpa in Wake of Anti-Israel Diatribe on Facebook

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