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Impasto to Shake Up the Pizza Scene with GEMA

Photos: Ian Harrison, Instagram

We can now confirm the widely circulated rumour: Impasto will most definitely branch off shortly with a pizzeria in Little Italy.

Stefano Faita and Michele Forgione's new baby is at 6827 Saint-Dominique, corner Dante, mere steps from Impasto and, intriguingly, the oldest pizzeria in Montreal, Napoletana.

Faita took to Twitter yesterday to coyly hint at the name of the new restaurant.

Pizzeria GEMA, an acronym for the Impasto duo's children, is clearly a labour of love. In a brief exchange today, Forgione disclosed that he had "been wanting to open up a pizzeria forever." The restaurant will serve "apps, pizzas" and "whatever I feel and whatever is in season." There will be wine and with Forgione at the helm, sweets will not be an afterthought. When asked about this throwback dessert, the chef responded with "Ha! There's more ...."

Oh and the pizza oven? Forno Moretti.

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