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Steven Shaw, Fan of Montreal, Passes Away at 44

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Photo: Quirky

Food blogger trailblazer Steven Shaw, most famous as the community manager of eGullet, has passed away at 44, reports Quirky.

The nosher cum writer who called himself 'Fat Guy' - "It's because I celebrate the tastes and attitudes of a fat guy who shamelessly enjoys eating despite fat or calories." - was a loyal friend to Montreal and, indeed, Canada. In 2002 he travelled the country, sampling regional favourites from Vancouver to Halifax and chronicling every bite for the likes of the Montreal Gazette.


Shaw won a measure of celebrity in Montreal when he declared the city's bellwether baked good - the bagel - to be superior to the New York version he knew so well.

As to the results of the experiment - the winner of the Bagel Showdown - I certainly hope most New Yorkers will not be reading this issue of the Gazette, because my truthful answer to the question "Who has the best bagels?" will seriously jeopardize my N.Y.C. credentials.

Shaw was also a prominent booster of Gazette food critic Lesley Chesterman at the start of her career with the newspaper.

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