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10 Missed Connections at Montreal Restaurants

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While happy couples populate Montreal restaurants, bars and cafés, so do the lonely, lovelorn and lustful. This is where Craigslist comes in. The site's Montreal 'Missed Connections' page unfurls a trove of pickups that most definitely were not. Many take place, as it happens, at restaurants all over the city. Here are ten recent ones of note.

missedconnectmtl.jpg[Photo: Shutterstock]

1. Village Stalker

may14 into may 15..12:15 a.m. outside Starbucks, Village - m4m (u were walking up de la Visitation): U r about 6 feet tall and were wearing a dark (maybe black) kinda tank top and light pants.u smiled at me as u walked up visitation beside Starbucks. I was in my truck...I should have said something but I had a passenger in the back. I think I've seen u before. In any case I drove my friend home then looked for u in vain in the area north of de Maisonneuve. U r very cute. If u r here or know him.....please respond..I like the chemistry. Thanks

2. Five Sugars

Starbucks. Five sugars. - m4w (Creamy Coffee Land): U put 5 sugars in ur coffee and it excited the crap out of me. We briefly discussed the awesomeness of cream...then I dashed. Best coffee all week: same time 2morrow?

3. Bicycle Enthusiast

Breakfast at a resto on Beaver Hall - m4w - 30: This morning I walked into the restaurant where you work, and you served me breakfast. I asked about your green bike. It felt good talking to you and I felt there was a connection. You are a tall dark-haired beauty with gorgeous deep and thoughtful eyes. Let's go for a bike ride.

4. Bella Donna

Post game Smiles at Pizza Belladona - m4w (St. Laurent): This was soon after Montreal Canadiens won over the Bruins. I was inside, close to the window.. you walked by. I moved my head in appreciation, you stopped, looked back and smiled. You took one step and looked back again, I also smiled and waved my hand to say hi. You smiled again and walked on. If there is any chance in the world you are reading this, I would love to get together sometime..may be for a coffee or some drinks. Take care.

5. Majestic Brooklynites

2 guys from Brooklyn - m4m (Majestique): Met last night around 5:30 PM and shared a shot of Makers. Great meeting you; would like to see you again during your visit to Montreal.

6. Hot Chick(en)

Chalet Bar-B-Q on Sherbrooke - m4w - 30 (Montreal): You were alone eating a hot chicken at the table right next to me.I think you had a braid in your hair If I recall correctly.Not too sure since I didn't want to stare at you while you ate.If you like the chicken at chalet bbq as much as I do to go there alone we might have a few things in common lol maybe next time I could sit with you.

7. Dunn and Done

Dunn's MTL Magnificent young lady - m4w (Montreal): Saw you at Dunns today in Montreal, around 12:00...your beauty is striking! If you see this, dont hesitate and lemme know!

8. Short Espresso

Olympico Saturday Afternoon - m4w: I walked in, we met eyes, I said "you are beautiful" and you said "thank you." I was just rushing in to meet someone, a friend. I'd love the chance to see you again.

9. Dim Sum Party

Dumpling love - w4m (Chinatown): Tall, dark and handsome having dinner w a friend.Brunette sitting across from you w a friend and wearing big gold chain. You left before I could introduce myself. lets do freaky things w dumplings sometime? Drop me a note

10. South Shore Shenanigans

Piazza piazza Brossard - m4w: You served my son and I breakfast on Sunday morning, you then had problems with the pay machine. You are so beutifull I just wanted to mention that you had a lasting affect on me. I would love to hear from you.

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