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Park on the Set of Chopped, Beer Fest and More

Photo: Antonio Park

FOOD TV— Antonio Park has been in Toronto all week to shoot scenes for the next season of Chopped Canada. One of the first orders of business: catch up with old chef pals.

AWARDS SEASON— In a somewhat hazy address that runs over 2,700 words long, the co-founder of confronts some of the debate over the website's recent list of the best restaurants in Canada: "When I'm in Montreal this summer, [Dave] McMillan and I will have a Foie Gras Summit where we aim to determine how best to honour the nation's food scene. One thing I think he and I will agree on is a Lifetime Achievement Award that praises the likes of [Martin] Picard and [Michael] Stadtlander. I also have in mind a special and fitting honour for Picard that we'll keep under wraps for now." []

MEALS ON WHEELS— The Dic Ann's food truck gets a fresh coat of paint before it hits the streets of Montreal this summer. [Instagram]

FESTIVAL WIRE— The annual Mondial de la bière fest gets underway June 11 until June 15 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal. [Twitter]

FESTIVAL WIRE— Chef Gita Seaton and the Nouveau Palais crew will be on hand at Puces Pop over the weekend. [Facebook]

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