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The Slang Builds a Mystery in Monkland Village

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Screencap: Google Maps

A new restaurant that calls itself The Slang is gearing up to open in the old Avenue Video store (above) in Monkland Village. Little is publicly known about the venture, other than some rampant conjecture that Moonshine BBQ is behind it and that the cuisine will be "international", to quote one Chowhounder.

A bit of research reveals that the not-yet-active website was registered on January 20 and that the phone number associated with the new restaurant is the same as for Pâtisserie Baking Sweet.

If you have any information about The Slang, feel free to help us connect the dots here.

ADDENDUM: Moonshine BBQ just wrote in to clarify that "No sorry we have nothing to do with that restaurant."

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