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Is Laurier BBQ About to Get a Splashy Makeover?

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Photo: Eater Montreal

Some juicy gossip this week on the alleged fate of Laurier BBQ (above). The speculative talk is that a very active Montreal restaurant group is on site with plans to reboot the restaurant with a fresh concept.

When a Laurier BBQ revival was last in the news, of course, Gordon Ramsay was at the helm to rouse the iconic, yet faded, rotisserie, amid a flurry of publicity here and across the pond. The celebrity chef-for-hire experiment quickly devolved, however, when Ramsay and landlord Danny Lavy wound up in court.

Lavy and business partner Stephen Shiller still own the property, which currently enjoys a municipal evaluation of over $2 million. The prolific landlords also own the likes of Liverpool House, Burgundy Lion, the Corona Theatre, Mangiafoco, Rufus Rockhead, Le Shinji and the soon-to-open Henri Saint-Henri.

Stay tuned.

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