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Mollé on Moishes, La Porte Shutters and More

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Photo: Randall Brodeur

FOOD MEDIA— Mere weeks removed from a column critical of food blogger amateurism, Philippe Mollé attends a 'media' dinner at Moishes to fête the launch of the Main restaurant's partnership with supermarket giant IGA and files an article that misspells the founder's name ("Moishes Ligther") and promptly unravels, in parts, in terms of accuracy. Sadly, behind the paywall. [Le Devoir]

THE SHUTTER— Critic Lesley Chesterman reports that Plateau restaurant La Porte will soon close and relocate up north. [Twitter]

COMING ATTRACTIONS— Not much to report on the new restaurant from ex-Les 400 Coups chef Marc-André Jetté: "Je suis toujours à la recherche de mon local." [Wire]

POP-UPS— Fresh off his pop-up at Laloux this weekend, John Winter Russell has another one in the works, this time at La Récolte on May 9. [Facebook]

SANDWICH WIRE— Caffe San Simeon presents: the cannoli sandwich. [Facebook]

COMING ATTRACTIONS— Yann Turcotte, the ex-chef at Verses in the Hôtel Nelligan, will soon open casse-croûte Chez Tousignant. [Twitter]


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