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Sting Uncovers Beer Scam at Peter Sergakis Bars

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sergakispda.jpg[Screengrab: YouTube]

Controversial bar owner Peter Sergakis is in the news after a CBC sting unearthed what amounts to fraud at several of his establishments. The investigation, prompted by a customer tip, observed questionable activity at three Sports Station bars and at PJ's Pub in NDG.

CBC tested five 20-ounce beers ordered from the previously mentioned four bars. Every time, the beer served only amounted to an average of 15 ounces, around 25 per cent less than what was advertised on the menu.

When CBC contacted Sergakis for a response, the irascible president of the Quebec Bar Owner Association "sent a revised menu to CBC that changed the beer sizes simply to medium and large size glass with no mention of volume" and said that "all his menus have now been changed and that it was never their intention to short-change customers."

This is far from the first time the businessman, who owns some 40 bars and strip clubs, has made headlines:

· Last month Sergakis led a court battle against the Bell Centre for allegedly "opening a big bar of 21,000 people and selling beer when half of the customers are minors."

· Sergakis has repeatedly fought the suburb of Pointe-Claire over a bar permit for Brasserie Le Manoir on Hymus.

· Sergakis faced allegations of homophobia after a same-sex couple was thrown out of Brasserie Le Manoir.

· This tirade against "punks and squeegees."

· Sergakis in an altercation with a homeless activist.

· As a proprietor of strip clubs, Sergakis has strong views on lap dances.

· "She fooled us." Sergakis, on hiring an underage stripper to work at Les Amazones.

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