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Kabinet Looks Kool, Bouillon Bilk is Back

Photo credit: Graham Werner

MILE END— Kabinet, the new cocktail bar complement to Datcha, looks superb (see photo) and is set to open any day now on the corner of Laurier and St-Urbain. [Wire]

PLYWOOD REPORT— After a major facelift and long hiatus, Bouillon Bilk is open as of today. [Facebook]

FOOD MEDIA— Vice Munchies was in town yesterday to shoot an episode with the Tripes & Caviar crew at Grumman '78, Bethlehem XXX and Ludger. The last time Munchies was in Montreal, this happened. [Facebook]

SUMMER TRACKING— Another Accords restaurant from Tout le monde en parle host Guy A. Lepage and partners Chantal Fontaine and Jean-Pierre Des Rosiers is set to open, on the corner of Saint-Laurent and Sainte-Catherine. The chef of the bistro cum wine bar is Stéphane Galibert, late of L'Auberge St-Gabriel. [Facebook]

SUMMER TRACKING— Some minor intel about new restaurant Salmigondis, which opens this summer in the old Fabbrica Pasta Shoppe at 6896 Saint-Dominique: brunch and brunch cocktails, will be on offer. [Wire]

QUARTIER INTERNATIONAL— Toqué! has a rooftop garden, apparently. [Twitter]

LITTLE ITALY— The dish that put Michele Forgione on the map is back on the menu at Impasto. [Twitter]

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