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What Are Montreal's Most Iconic Meat Dishes?

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Photo: Schwartz's

We did cocktails. We did pizza. Now, to use Eater parlance, brace for the Five Days of Meat.

Yes, the next Eater theme week will cater exclusively to carnivores. (Sorry vegans.) And it all starts July 7 with a colossal map of Montreal's most iconic meat dishes.

This is where you come in. Tell us: what is the most iconic meaty morsel in this absurdly awesome food city? Is it a Schwartz's smoked meat sandwich? (Is it a Smoke Meat Pete smoked meat sandwich?) A New York strip from Moishes? A filet mignon from Gibby's? A hot dog from Lafleur's or the Montreal Pool Room? Chicken from Romados or Côte St Luc Bar-B-Q? To name just a few candidates.

Let us know where you stand in the comments or here. And remember, we want iconic.

Merci d'avance.

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