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Le Chien Rose Throws Lucky's Food Truck Shade

Some food trucks and restaurants work hand in hand in Montreal. Others, not so much.

While the tension between street grub and brick and mortar bouffe may be less volatile than in New York City, the landscape is still hyper-competitive. And so, when a food truck parks across the street from your restaurant and promptly elicits a lineup, maybe you scribble some snark on a sandwich board.

This is just what Michèle Des Rosiers, the chef/owner of Le Chien Rose in Ahuntsic, did yesterday when Lucky's Truck set up at Parc Tolhurst on the corner of Fleury and Meunier between 4:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m.

"We also have good food here!," wrote Des Rosiers on her sidewalk A frame. "And no noisy generator!!!"

The restaurateur took to Instagram to add "JOKE NOT" next to the photo of the testy message.

Des Rosiers also made waves this past March with a lament and rant on her blog about Le Chien Rose's misfortunes.

Tired of always being afraid of not having customers because my restaurant is always closed due to water damage. Tired of ceaselessly thinking about my debts. Tired of being surrounded by incompetent people. Tired of having shitty neighbours who are dirty and unfriendly.

Addendum: Des Rosiers, who we are happy to add has been a supporter of food trucks in Ahuntsic from day one, shared this article on Facebook today. The result was a barrage of comments about the newsworthiness of the topic but, also, the potential pitfalls of food trucks and restaurants in close proximity. Ultimately, Des Rosiers elucidated on the initial incident.

Je n'ai rien contre les foodtrucks le mercredi car ça apporte une belle visibilité au quartier. Sauf quand des clients qui ont réservé chez moi et qui décident d'aller manger aux food trucks sans nous avertir.... là jtrouve ça moins drôle. J'ai eu plusieurs no-show hier et c'est pour ça que j'ai installé ce tableau...

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