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The Menu at Pizzeria GEMA Takes Shape

Photo credit: Michele Forgione

Avid social media observers of Michele Forgione probably have a sense of what to expect from GEMA by now. The Impasto chef has let followers in on a bunch of menu items as he and Stefano Faita prepare to open the Little Italy pizza spot.

While some are merely tests, others will likely become fixtures at the new restaurant on Dante. Have a look.

· One pizza possiblity includes fior di latte and Romano lupa.

· Will fennel sausage, pepperoni and peperoncino pizza make the cut?

· Palotte Marcovecchio aka meatball pizza.

· Two words: porchetta pizza. With smoked caciocavallo, hot cherry peppers and salsa verde.

· How about pork "danish"?

· A rethink on Caesar salad will marry Romaine, Culatello "bits", Parmigiano-Reggiano and pizza dough croutons tossed in garlic butter and infused sous-vide with a whole head of garlic for eight hours.

· These supplì al telefono, a Roman-style arancini, courtesy a recipe from Elena Faita.

· Homemade sausage from this jovial fellow.

· Carnival zeppole with homemade Quebec strawberry syrup.

· Cannoli.

· Frozen custard.


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