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Oliver TV, Why the Main Lags, New Restaurants

Photo: @jamieoliver

FOOD TV— Celebrity chef and Maison Publique partner Jamie Oliver is set to co-produce a food show in Canada for the first time. Pressure Cooker "will see celebrity chefs paired with home cooks who must select ingredients from a conveyor belt and then use them to cook tasty meals against the clock." [Hollywood Reporter]

PLATEAU— In "Des logements commerciaux insalubres sur la Main" La Presse investigates how negligent landlords affect the vacancy rate on the linchpin artery. [La Presse]

SUMMER TRACKING— Thierry Daraize reports on four new restaurants to hit the scene. Of note: the name of the new Westmount restaurant from the Grinder and Hachoir group will be Léa (after partner Léa D'Amboise) and the cult-like Micro Resto La Famille will move to new, larger digs in the Village in the old Pica Pica. [Journal de Montréal]

MILE END— Callao, the Raza reboot from Mario Navarette, Jr. will soft launch on June 16 with an invitation-only dinner and open to the public on June 17. [Twitter]

FOOD TV— Chefs Derek Dammann (Maison Publique), Nick Hodge (Icehouse) and Elvio Galasso (Institut de tourisme et d'hôtellerie du Québec) were on hand with others at Garde Manger today to shoot a new episode of the Chuck Hughes, Anne-Marie Withenshaw vehicle À couteaux tirés. [Instagram]

ANTONIO PARK WIRE— Antonio Park will take part in a Visa Infinite Dinner in Toronto tomorrow with Matty Matheson (Parts & Labour). Park spent time with another Toronto chef in Montreal this past week: one Susur Lee. [Twitter]

BAR WIRE— As Montreal flirts with a dawn last call in a Denis Coderre-led pilot project on rue Saint-Denis, a La Presse columnist observes the scene in the only other post-3:00 a.m. last call city on the continent. [La Presse]

SUMMER TRACKING— Blogger Mayssam Samaha tweets that the owners of Arts Café have a new project. Salmigondis will open this summer in the old Fabbrica Pasta Shoppe at 6896 Saint-Dominique. [Twitter]

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