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Romados, Wednesday, 1:30 p.m.

Welcome to Eater Scenes, where photographer Randall Brodeur captures some of Montreal's most notable restaurants. Today, Romados.

Wednesday, lunchtime, the day after la fête nationale, and the scene at Romados is languid. For a place that sells 600 chickens a day that is.

For other rôtisserie chicken shops in the Plateau the crowd on hand is on par with a rush. But for the the 20 year old fixture on Rachel and de Bullion, this is merely a slow build.

"Even with the awful weather yesterday for Saint-Jean-Baptiste we still had a strong day," remarks Manny Machado. "Not the best for a holiday but not too bad."

The Romados general manager and son of owner Fernando Machado nods at his father, who often sits at the counter by the coffee machine and surveys the scene from afar.

"Dad looks comfortable."

[Photos: Randall Brodeur and Alex Geoffrion for Romados]

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Rôtisserie Romados

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