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Reviews for Grumman, Les 400 Coups and More

Photo: Randall Brodeur

In one of her more enthusiastic write-ups in recent memory, Sarah Musgrave (behind the paywall) raves over Grumman 78: "I've been to Grumman's sit-down restaurant on a couple of occasions for meals and private events, and it struck me on this recent visit that it has become a real local institution. The room was buzzing with adults enjoying intimate dates as well as big banquet tables with extended family, and it would be a great place to take out-of-towners during the summer." [Gazette]

Les 400 Coups is in good hands with chef Guillaume Cantin and pastry chef Brian Verstraten, writes Jean-Philippe Tastet (behind the paywall): "Ensuite, comme [Cantin] travaillait déjà en cuisine ici et qu'il connaît bien la maison, il a veillé à conserver ce qui méritait de l'être, le décor notamment, et la qualité du service en salle. Il a également procédé à certains ajustements pour que cette maison porte sa signature. C'est effectivement le cas. Sa cuisine est ciselée, sertie, précieuse dans le sens noble du terme. On y sent encore le travail de l'élève appliqué, mais on y perçoit également une sensibilité et un talent annonciateurs de très beaux jours à cette adresse." [Le Devoir]

For Lesley Chesterman (behind the paywall), La Coupole is a big, expensive disappointment, despite the star power of former l'Eau à la Bouche chef Anne Desjardins: "Dinner was a letdown, and at $360 for three (with tax and tip), a costly one at that. Despite the input of Desjardins, this hotel restaurant still falls far behind restaurants at a similar price point, proof that you can bring in big names to up the ante, list the best ingredients, and hang the most dramatic chandeliers. But ultimately it's the food on that plate — day in, day out — that counts." [Gazette]

Thierry Daraize (behind the paywall) is the first critic to cover Callao, the Raza reboot from chef Mario Navarrete Jr.: "Callao est une ville portuaire située à proximité de Lima, la capitale du Pérou. C'est aussi depuis peu un formidable petit restaurant sur la rue Laurier à Montréal." [Journal de Montréal]

CultMTL samples Korean fried chicken Downtown: "If you're a carnivore with a fried chicken craving, DaWa fills the need with more aplomb than your standard Kentucky bucket. Heck, it might even give Kenny Rogers' Roasters and its glowing red signage a run for its money." [CultMTL]

Newcomer T & T nets a review from CultMTL editor Lorraine Carpenter as well: "T&T wasn't perfect, but in the end we all left satisfied. It's so early in the game that a few minor fixes and additions to the menu could make T&T a popular Plateau go-to before the summer is out." [CultMTL]

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Les 400 coups

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