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Watch Vice Munchies Take on Tripes & Caviar

Screencap: Munchies: Chef's Night Out

Munchies: Chef's Night Out recently made another pit stop in Montreal, this time to film a bout of excessive indulgence with the Tripes & Caviar crew.

The video aftermath sees the Vice spin-off take in a frenetic shift at the Verdun restaurant and a post-service food and bar crawl with Tripes chef and founder John Mike, maître d' Mélanie Aumais and sous chef Sarah Bourdon at Grumman 78, Ludger and Bethlehem XXX.

The likes of Gaëlle Cerf (Grumman 78 co-owner), Adam Aspelund (chef at Ludger) and the irrepressible Beaver Sheppard (itinerant Bethlehem XXX chef) get some notable camera time. The masterful Thai food of Chak Wow pop-up chef Jesse Mulder elicits this memorable sound bite: "I would like these mussels to come in my mouth." The nocturnal revelry then whisks the trio back to the Tripes castle on Wellington for a final round of gluttony.

Munchies has previously done work with Joe Beef and Antonio Park.

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Bethlehem XXX

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