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Vertigo Stk+Bar Holds Self-Serious PR Launch

Photo: Vertigo Stk+Bar

Vertigo Stk+Bar held a PR media launch yesterday to promote a restaurant that, without a soupçon of irony, calls itself "wild and unfettered" and "a stimulating sensory experience." Principals Hugues Bourque and Dominic Cayer also gave us the ZIBO! "California cuisine" concept restaurants in Rosemère, Laval, Brossard, Anjou and Griffintown.

The publicity effort behind the most recent Vertigo event included the bespoke hashtag #jesuisindomptable, or "I Am Invincible." In a bid to cultivate a veneer of social media buzz, guests were encouraged to insert the hashtag in tweets and Instagram posts and don clip-on nose rings. Because cattle.

A few bloggers and publicists duly complied.

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