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10 Missed Connections at Montreal Restaurants

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While happy couples populate Montreal restaurants, bars and cafés, so do the lonely, lovelorn and lustful. This is where Craigslist comes in. The site's Montreal 'Missed Connections' page unfurls a trove of pickups that most definitely were not. Many take place, as it happens, at restaurants all over the city. Here are ten recent ones of note.

missedconnectmtl.jpg[Photo: Shutterstock]

1. The Beautiful Game

Germany V. Argentina - ww4m (Clarke/Viateur): Dear busboy at Bishop and Bagg: You're a fucking babe... We'll see you again really soon!

2. West End Girl

Samedi soir chez Calistoga Bar & Grill - m4w (Pointe Claire): Bonjour, Samedi soir le 14 juin sur la terrasse vous étiez assise tous les deux, on a discuté un brin puis je suis retourné à l'intérieur. Trop gêner pour te laisser mon numéro je l'ai donner à ta sœur, si tu te reconnais svp fait moi signe, je t'ai dit que tu étais très jolie et très gentille. A bientôt j'espère? xoxo

3. Le Rosemont Rose

Bell femme du pub Le rosemont - m4w (montreal): Vendredi dernier je marchais sur la rue, regardant dans votre direction. Vous m'avez lancé un "Bonsoir". Vous étiez avec une amie. Quand je me suis arrêté pour vous parler vous avez pouffé de rire. Nous avons fait un peu de conversation sur ce que je faisais ce soir là . Peut-être n'était-ce pas sérieux mais j'aimerais bien revoir votre sourire. Merci.

4. Rasoï's Edge

Rasoi Sat Night - St. Henri - m4w - 27: You have blond/brown hair, and wore a floral dress with opaque glasses. We made eye contact several times - I was there with an associate, but you didn't seem to mind much. You were having dinner with a friend. It seems like you all are from out of town... I found you very intriguing. If you ever find this, let's get together sometime. But first, describe me a bit.. xox

5. Vélo Hello

bike locks and cake - w4m (marche oriental): To the smiling man who watched me hungrily stuff coconut milk cake into my mouth as I unlocked my bike and you locked up yours, hi. I wanted to look up, but I felt shy. I liked the way you looked at me.

6. Buzz Cut

Arepera - m4m - 35 (Montreal): You were the Latino giving me intense stares from your table, sitting with two girls tonight. I was the bearded guy with buzzed hair at the next table over. You said goodbye to me when I left. I'm intrigued, Would like to meet you for a drink.

7. Bonsecours Fail

Sat June 5th, night, terasse du bonsecours, red dress... - m4w (montreal): Around midnight. You were walking on the vieuxport, alongside the water. I was texting and at first I didn't notice you. You asked me if I knew this place "terasse du bonsecours". We started talking. You are a student of managing at Concordia. You were wearing this tight red dress. You were stunning. I'm the guy "not from Montreal". I should have insisted. What a loser. Write me.

8. Shash'u Solos

Blizzarts - w4m: we met at Blizzarts this saturday, both there solo to admire the genius that is shashu. i lost you at the end of the night, but wouldve loved to keep talking to you. hope to see you there again!

9. Latin Quarter Cad

red head st sulpice - m4w - 30 (st denis): Saw this smoking hot girl with red hair last night, wish I asked her her name.. she had it all..the legs the tats the ass:P she was walking down st denis with other chicks, went to st sulpice.

10. Semitic Barista?

Young woman worked at JavaU next to Concordia last Sept. - m4w (Guy-Concordia): You worked at the JavaU on Guy St. last September. You had Long, brown, frizzy hair, maybe brown eyes. Maybe you were Jewish? You had served me a few times and I admired your natural kindness. I'd see you mopping the floor at closing, around 9 p.m. Then one day you were gone. I asked the manager about you recently, but he could not remember well about you. Maybe you are a Concordia student? If you are this girl or know her, please let her know that someone wants to know how she is doing!!

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