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Woman Plucks Goose on Metro

Photo: Wikipedia

Ruffling a lot of feathers this week (too easy), a viral video of a woman plucking a bird and reportedly eating it was circulating the internet and causing quite a stir.

Well, according to the Montreal Gazette, the woman was merely excited about a goose she had gotten from her aunt and was a bit over zealous on her way home to cook it. It turns out she was just plucking it, not eating it, folks.

The woman in question, Christina David, is a former resident of Nunavik in northern Quebec and the whole misunderstanding was cleared up with police (who thought she might have psychological issues and were looking for her, with the possibility of charging her with disturbing the peace).

"It's not like we get to eat our country food every day. I was so happy that I didn't care where I was at the moment, but all I have to say is that I ain't crazy lol that's all." In response to further comments on her Facebook page, David said she "couldn't wait to go home so I can put it on the big pan with onions and mushrooms." David told CBC news she didn't mean to offend anyone, saying in her culture what she was doing was considered normal, and that it was a rare treat to be able to eat food from her village.

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