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Korean Fried Chicken Lands Downtown

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Photo: Danji

DOWNTOWN— Danji is now open on Bishop. The name, according to the new restaurant's Facebook page, "means 'pot'. Traditionally, a Danji was used to store important sources of fermented side dishes and sauces such as Kimchi, Zganji, soybean sauce (Ganjang), anchovy sauce (Jeutguk), soybean paste (Daenjang) and hot pepper paste (Gochujang)." The considerable menu includes bi bim bap, noodle, rice and meat dishes to share. Of note: Korean fried chicken. [Facebook]

PLATEAU— Soft launch mode comes to a close for Le Sieur d'Iberville this Thursday, July 10 at 7:00 p.m. when the new rotisserie cum brasserie du coin throws a grand opening party. Proceeds from drink sales will go to the Fondation CHU Sainte-Justine. [Wire]

PLATEAU— The likes of Ripples and Yeh! have some new competition with the arrival of La Diperie on the corner of des Pins and Saint-Dominique. Claims the new ice cream parlour: "We have over 15 different different dips, all made with Belgian chocolat [sic], new toppings and combinations that will redefine what you think its [sic] a good ice cream." [Facebook]

LITTLE ITALY— Stefano Faita tells Eater Montreal that GEMA will likely open within the next two weeks. The pizzeria's alcohol permit is not yet in but neither Faita or partner Michele Forgione expect much of a delay. As for the menu, the duo will keep it simple: ten pizzas, a few apps, a few salads and a few desserts. And frozen custard of course. [Wire]

POP-UPS— Two notable pop-ups to report over the weeks to come at 2250 rue Pitt in the Sud-Ouest. The first, on July 22, will feature chef Dan Geltner, formerly of L'Orignal. The second, on August 19, will feature the addictive cult-Thai cuisine of Jesse Mulder (Chak Wow). For reservations email emiliajamieson(at)hotmail(dot)com or call (514) 813-8926. [Wire]

PLYWOOD REPORT— Creative signage from , the new makeover of Souvenirs d'Indochine. [Facebook]

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